JER Partners - Our Company


Our Company

Founded in 1981 by Josph E. Robert, Jr, JER Partners has three decades of experience in sourcing, underwriting, and managing a broad spectrum of real estate products. Our long operating history and deep institutional memory, enhanced by an experienced management team, provide the foundation for future growth and opportunities for our investors.

Investor Focused

Our success is defined by the satisfaction of our investors. We are committed to excellence and keenly focused on delivering value to our investors through our investment products, transparent and comprehensive reporting and provision of strong governance rights.

Investment Philosophy

The core of JER Partners’ investment philosophy is focused on deep value and the belief that higher returns can be achieved by identifying assets that are mispriced and deploying our considerable hands-on real estate skills and cycle-tested experiences to enhance value. We also seek to leverage our differentiated skill sets and proprietary data and information seeking opportunities where returns are commensurate with risk. We are keenly focused on preservation of capital and exit strategies. JER Partners maintains an open, rigorous, highly disciplined and transparent investment process.

Management Owned

JER Partners is a private, management-owned firm ensuring a strong alignment of our interests with those of our investment partners.

Experienced Management

Our highly capable, cycle-tested Management Committee, brings a wealth of experience across a broad spectrum of disciplines to guide the growth of our company. Working in concert with our Management Committee is a deep team of highly professional, experienced and extremely dedicated group of professionals.

Integrated Acquisitions, Asset and Risk Management

Our integrated in-house team has a wealth of experience across all major property segments, with specialized skills in lodging, healthcare and debt products, as well as experience in direct and indirect investments up and down the capital stack.  An intense focus on asset management, combined with an active risk management program, enable JER Partners to appropriately evaluate, quantify and price risk as well as manage risk through ownership. JER Partners’ strong in-house operating infrastructure ensures highly transparent and timely information flows to our investors.